Hi! Welcome to my food blog featuring healthy, easy to prepare meals, so delicious that you will have trouble deciding which delectable bite to end on! I am a home cook, and though I have taken (and continue to take) many cooking classes, I would not consider myself classically trained. That being said, I have made all of the recipes I share with you here dozens of times and they have become like family to me!

I love to travel and try new cuisines and I am excited to share my experiences and recipes with you on this blog.

The phrase “End On This” will mean different things to different people. For me, it’s meaning is simply this: at every meal, end on the most delicious bite on your plate. That will be different every meal, every day! How great is that!

I live in Rhode Island, the “Biggest Little State in the Union,” with my incredible husband and two amazing kids. I love it here. We may be the smallest state, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have good food. The seafood here is diverse, fresh, plentiful and delicious! We have lots of farms producing organic fruits and veggies year round, and many local farms offer grass fed, non GMO beef, lamb, pork and poultry.

The restaurant scene is great as well. Providence has a wide and diverse selection of top-notch restaurants. And with Boston a short 2 hour drive, and New York City just 3 hours away, the world is our oyster! I will share my favorite recipes with you, and tell you about my favorite restaurants in the area. Let’s share our love of food with each other!

Thanks for stopping by!

Marisa 🙂